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Beautiful flowers from an amazing man…just because



So this week, I dove into The Dark Heart of Italy by Tobias Jones.  In a mere month, I will be traveling to Bologna and this book has already proven itself invaluable.  I really had no idea how disappointed Italian people are with their country and their government.  Also, I was excited to read that opera is a daily topic of conversation.  I will fit right in.

For class, we are supposed to pick apart what this book tells us about public relations in Italy.  Well, from what I have seen, focusing on family ties is always a winner.  Something like 40% of Italians live in the same house or compound with their mothers.  Also, do not waste your time basing a public relations campaign on national pride.  It will not work.  Numerous sectors of the government require Italians to be tied up in red tape.  Something as simple as paying a phone bill can take hours even days to resolve.  So, the Americanized “do it for your country” campaign would not fly in Italy.  Especially in this time of uncertainty in our country, advertisements, blogs and everything in between are preying on our American pride to sway our actions.

Anyway, I have found this blog really interesting.  I have learned everything from which museums to visit in Bologna to where the nearest fruit market will be on the weekends.  So, for all of my fellow Italy goers…check it out.  Otherwise, take a look and be jealous, be very jealous!    


I am sitting here watching this week’s episode of CSI NY, and I must admit it is a little scary.  The recent episodes have followed a serial killer and a young blogger follows the case by blogging to the masses.  Day by day people open the blog to read who this person has killed and what he is doing.  In the latest episode, the young blogger is kidnapped and his blog is used to tell the story of the killer up to the minute.  As much as I want to believe that a story like this could never happen in real life, the fact is, it could.  It could happen any time. 

Like I said yesterday, the news of the China earthquakes broke to many on a blog post or a Twitter feed.  The life of a serial killer could just as easily be displayed in a blog.  Scary isn’t it?

Hello Everyone!

I must admit I have no idea what I am doing.  However, I am excited to report I have set up a blog and a domain and my head did not explode.  I cannot wait to read all of your blogs throughout the semester and hopefully beyond that.  Read you soon!