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What does The Long Tail mean for the future of business, for our future?  Chris Anderson talks about the different industries outside of media and entertainment that the long tail effects.  What about industries that are not sales oriented?  For instance, simplyhired pulls job postings from all over the internet and offers a place where a single search term could turn up thousands of jobs.  Let’s say that you want to be a carpenter, but you only want to make desks, you could type in carpenter and desks and return any jobs across the internet with those words.  Obviously, a job that specific is not going to fall into the top 10 job choices of today, however, it is a valid career and one that may be hard to find.  Jobadder talks about the importance of niche job boards.  People want to easily find jobs without having to sort through thousands of top 10 job ads first.  The Long Tail applies to many different things outside of sales. 

By writing this blog, I am becoming part of a niche, student blogs.  One of my favorite blogs, Zen Habits, falls into The Long Tail of blogging.  There aren’t many Zen focused blogs, and Zen Habits is very helpful and informative.  I doubt I would read many other Zen blogs given the opportunity.  The one I read is just fine and fills that niche in my blog reading life.  This blog posting talks specifically about niche blogging.  It would be hard to maintain a niche blog unless a clear audience developed out of the readership.  But, there is a definite place in cyber space for niche blogs. 

My favorite niche blogs are opera blogs.  I studied opera in undergrad and sang professionally for a short time after graduation.  Obviously, I have chosen a new career path, but I still consider opera to be a big part of my life.  Many opera companies have bloggers on staff to talk about new productions at the company and to discuss what is going on in the opera world.  Opera bloggers connect me with a world that is hard to stay connected to unless you have a direct line to an insider.  The MetBlog is one of my favorite opera blogs.  Different bloggers from the company post about their experiences at the Met.  I love reading about young performer’s butterflies before they step on stage or employees experiences with world premiere operas.  Without these niche blogs, I would lose connection to a big part of my life.

So, what does this mean for the future?  Simply, I think Anderson hit the nail on the head.  We are a world of niche consumers, but it can be taken one step further.  We are a world of niche people.  We all have interests that fall into niches and we want to stay informed about what is going on in that part of our lives.  So, tell me about a few of your niche interests and how blogs or Websites have helped you stay in touch with that part of who you are.    



  1. I appreciate your link to my blog! Thank you. Niche blogging isn’t easy but over time you find an audience.

    Looking forward to reading more. Visit anytime!


  2. Your topic is interesting to me. I am not a huge blogger although it does seem to be an easy way to stay connected to things you are passionate about. Obviously Opera is that for you. Not all of us can work our dream jobs so staying connected through the web via blogs or some other means allows us to take part in those dreams. For some of us out there that is huge! I think niche blogging seems to be easiest way to keep pursuing those passions. For me I can’t decide what I want to pursue. It is always changing but Science and Religion have always brought out my passions so for now I will stick with those! Although Opera is pretty cool too!

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